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Recreational Activities to Share

This is a partial listing of our Club objectives and our various activities:

  • Shared Recreation For The Handicapped

         Supporting Neglected Research, That Mainstream Science Refuses to Address

  • Co-Sponsoring Activities With Other Organizations
  • Supporting Youth Film Project, Which Will Provide Funding For Youth Opportunities

          The club is also working to procure sailboats for use by missionary services, to many remote locations, around the world. Many of these destinations, seldom see any form of comercial traffic and these mission boats are often, the only source of supplies. There is a need for many more volunteers, to these distant destinations. Please contact your church, about theseprojects and visit the website of Christian Boaters Association. Their web address is on our "Links" page.          






The main theme of Four Winds Recreation Club, is to provide shared recreation for the Handicapped, in the areas of camping, fishing, boating and sailing, with other outdoor activities, added or co-sponsored, as funding permits.

A new day is dawning, in the field of recreation, to help make it affordable to those, with little or no, recreation budget. "Sharing recreational activities and projects, with the Handicapped". In addition to providing shared recreation, the Club supports inovative research, in several fields, especially those where Club Members may participate in, or act as monitors. One particular area of interest is, "Energy Healing".
       The University of Washington, is supporting a project, that is only begining to scratch at the surface, of this bold new field. Visit a message on the work at the website, listed below, to see if you are inspired by their efforts. Four Winds is sponsoring, The ALPHA Project, which promises to reveal an ancient technology, that may offer great promise in the field of, "Energy Healing". There will be great monitoring and member participation opportunities, on this project as well. Check our about page, for more information.

Funding by Club Credits

No membership dues are set, but the Club will be incorporating and chapters may be established in the future, with each chapter setting it's own dues requiremnts. Currently, the club is running a special promotion to support The ALPHA Project, by offering Club Credits at .50 each, with a twenty-five (25) minimum purchace. Club Credits, have a $1.00 value, when redeemed, at Club activities and or promotions. Members may also, earn Club Credits, by participating in certain Club activities, where they assist the Handicapped or provide services, such as transportation to recreational activities and/or assistance of Handicapped persons, even when the activity is not Club sponsored. A link to VerySign, will soon be added, but for now, you can use the Club mailing address. Other fundraising activities, will also add 25% of the proceeds, to members' credits. A commercial webpage, will be online, soon, that will also, help raise funding through E-commerce and a link will be posted here. Members must have a minimum of 100 credits, to earn credits from the E-commerce website, so order today!
Four Winds Recreation Club
P. O. Box 2831
White City, Oregon 97503
The openings available to the Club, on The ALPHA Project, will be filled by drawings, of Booster Members (Those with 100+ Club Credits) so get them now, while they are half price. The Clubs physical address, is a rural ranch, only being utilized to economically store the club's boats. The club's current boat fleet, could no longer be accommodated at 4658 Sams Valley Rd., Gold Hill, Oregon. Our boats that are being repaired, are now on Ramsey Rd. but the club has limited access, there. We are working to acquire a clubhouse and boatyard, where all members can help with club boats and possibly, work on their own. We are hoping to ready a sizable fleet, for expanding to Alaska. The ground on Prince of Wales Island, has been promised, for over a year. See more, on the about page.

For more information about who we are and the benefits of our activities and services, go to our About page and our What's New page. For questions, link to our Contact page.

Ordering Information.

If more information is needed, regarding the purchase of Club Credits, you can contact the Club at the e-mail address, below. You will receive a receipt and a Club Account number. When the Club holds a fundraising activity, the member's accounts increase, by an equal percentage.